Establishing a company in China not only requires an understanding of your options but also the insight to consider your future needs. Being a boutique firm we provide every client with a tailored approach to every project.


Red Silk Consulting can assist you in identifying the business vehicle that is most suitable for you in order to accomplish your goals in China. The preferable option for you depends on your business sector, intended financial commitment, your overall company strategy and goals, your time-frame and other determinants. Common investment vehicles for foreign investors are the establishment of a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), Joint Venture (JV), Representative Office (RO), Holding Company, Regional Headquarter or a R&D Center.



Registering and opening a foreign business in China is often more complex than it seems. Approvals from multiple local authorities and bureaus, strict adherence to industry specific regulations, and a considerable amount of red tape are just a few of the obstacles that need to be dealt with. Services for a typical company incorporation includes the following:


>  Choosing the right legal entity

>  Handling the administrative procedure

>  Guiding you through the registration process

>  Ensuring red tape does not delay the incorporation

>  Making sure your company is registered within 1-3 months, depending on local policies


In addition, Red Silk Consulting offers company secretarial services as well as annual inspections and business license modification procedures.