1. Media promotion services

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2.China Media Interviews

With more and more international brands moving towards China, it has been an important way of marketing communication to expand Chinese popularity and influence through local Chinese medias’ in-depth reports. Integrating mainstream medias 'authority and industry medias’ professionalism with the pertinence of target audience, will be bound to produce huge motivational role for brands opening the door of target market rapidly.


3. China Exhibition Promoting

Attending exhibitions in China is a major way to promote your service to the potential buyers. Moreover, carrying out a series of media promotion activities on show is the most common way for your business, and is proven most majority effective way.


RedSilk provides customize and personalized show promotion scheme for you. Before exhibition, we will attract the attention of target social group by media inviting, press release publishing, media report, show topic and new product publicity. Following is the comprehensive coverage during show through press conference, media interview, video capture, street interview and so on. After the exhibition, we will publish multimedia news, graphic news, media in-depth reporting in order to obtain expected communication effects.


4. Press Conference in China


China Press Conference is to spread new product, innovative concept or other ideas with virtue of news media when enterprise has big event with positive influence in order to promote new products popularization and improve brand image. With solemn format, high grade, active communicating and wide spread, press conference is powerful weapon for PR marketing, which can not only pass key information, but also help enterprises build good brand images among the public.


5. Online Media & News portal media

Chinese Social Media Communication

RedSilk has abundant social media resources of different fields. According to your communications demands, we can choose appropriate and influential web celebrity or influencer in Wechat, Weibo, Sina, QQ, Youku, Huajiao etc. Through their forwarding, your information will be passed to target audience effectively and achieve good communication effects.

Our media channel including: Top 10 news website, WeChat official account, WeChat mini program, WeChat store, Sina, Weibo official account, Baidu SEO for website, mobile, Affiliate ads buying etc.

Our clients

*** Our media services is mainly to support major leading media agency in Thailand for total solution. If you are media agency looking for Chinese local media partner for co-operation please contact pm(at) for portfolio.