Chinese language support

Chinese in house training & private tutor for executive

Chinese language support

Professional language support for all demand need. Translation commercial contract, legal contract, confidential document, brochure, catalogue, manual, handbook, website, subtitle and etc.
--> We also provides service for Chinese voice cover, creative writing for chairman speech note, marketing material content writing. Chinese to Thai / English and vice versa.

--> Certified translation stamp for official documents e.g. ID card, birth certificate, marriage certificate etc.

We developed our own practical Chinese intensive course for Chinese private tutor for executive and Chinese in house training for salesperson team, customer service team and company staff. Our learning material is tailor made for specific purpose by your requirement which focus on effective communication in a short time. We also provides learning performance evaluation report certificate and incentive program to motivate your company staff team to overcome the Chinese language barrier of hight effective and result oriented.

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