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2.China Media Interviews

With more and more international brands moving towards China, it has been an important way of marketing communication to expand Chinese popularity and influence through local Chinese medias’ in-depth reports. Integrating mainstream medias 'authority and industry medias’ professionalism with the pertinence of target audience, will be bound to produce huge motivational role for brands opening the door of target market rapidly.


3. China Exhibition Promoting

Attending exhibitions in China is a major way to promote your service to the potential buyers. Moreover, carrying out a series of media promotion activities on show is the most common way for your business, and is proven most majority effective way.


RedSilk provides customize and personalized show promotion scheme for you. Before exhibition, we will attract the attention of target social group by media inviting, press release publishing, media report, show topic and new product publicity. Following is the comprehensive coverage during show through press conference, media interview, video capture, street interview and so on. After the exhibition, we will publish multimedia news, graphic news, media in-depth reporting in order to obtain expected communication effects.


4. Press Conference in China


China Press Conference is to spread new product, innovative concept or other ideas with virtue of news media when enterprise has big event with positive influence in order to promote new products popularization and improve brand image. With solemn format, high grade, active communicating and wide spread, press conference is powerful weapon for PR marketing, which can not only pass key information, but also help enterprises build good brand images among the public.


5. Online Media & News portal media

Chinese Social Media Communication

Red Silk has abundant social media resources of different fields. According to your communications demands, we can choose appropriate and influential web celebrity or influencer in Wechat, Weibo, Tiktok, Youku, Kuaishou, Bilibili etc. Through their forwarding, your information will be passed to target audience effectively and achieve good communication effects.

Red silk major marketing strategic tools & services

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing in China is vigorous and developing rapidly. Data from Analysys shows mobile payment has become an important section in the O2O (online to offline) retail industry in China. In order to bring more digital consumption experience for consumers, mobile payment was incorporated in many companies’ marketing strategies, including Alipay and WeChat payment.

Big Data Marketing

The popularity of big data has changed the traditional marketing mode, and big data marketing is leading the trend of China advertising industry. The advantages of big data marketing are the combination of data and media, with the fuel of customer orientation, precise audience targeting, lower cost, the link between online and offline, more proactive marketing, as well as the break of the limits of time and space.

Programmatic Ad Buying

Programmatic ad buying typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising which can meet the marketing needs of Internet advertising more easily, with four main advantages, including wider platforms, precise audience targeting, digging users’ characteristics, and establishing interaction with audience.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential in China market, and it’s also a long-term strategy that you should make use of to gain permanent benefits. When improving your company’s SEO in China, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Although Google is the world’s favored search engine, this is not the case in China market. Baidu, Chinese version of Google, is the leading search engine in China. A large range of services and products are offered by Baidu, including pay-per-click advertising, web search, news search, image search, music search, video search, Zhidao (question and answer), Baike (Wiki), Tieba (Post bar), etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social network has become an important way for people to obtain information in China. If you want to use digital marketing to accelerate your business expansion in China market, social media marketing is a good choice. As most marketers know, marketing to Chinese audience is not exactly like that to those in other countries. Due to the block from Chinese government, you won’t be able to rely on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in China. China has its own brand of social media, such as WeChat, Sina Weibo, Qzone, Youku, etc.

These social media feature real time reactions and help marketers interact with users in a creative manner. Even with limited budget, companies or brands can communicate with target consumers via real time marketing tools.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is marketing by directly sending a commercial message included in a email, typically to a group of people. It can be applied in different types of emails, including transactional emails, direct mail (EDM), and mobile email marketing. Under the circumstance of a stable and competitive travel market in China, it certainly stimulates a great potential to get email marketing applied in China’s tourism industry. According to the data from Webpower, the average delivery rate of EDM in China’s tourism industry was 97.01%, with an average unique opening rate of 6.31%. Moreover, in China’s tourism industry, the average delivery rate and opening rate of EDM vary with the season and vacation time.

Content Marketing

China’s Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focusing on creating and delivering relevant, valuable and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, to ultimately generate profitable customer actions. Although differences exist in both Chinese audiences’ behavior and platforms, the process for realizing content marketing is the same as in Europe or in the United States. If you refer to the content marketing in China, three important aspects should be considered. Firstly, you should attract Chinese audience with the content which can stimulate their interests and drive their sharing intentions. Secondly, you should create customized content for your fans, by the means of gathering people who share common interests, and meanwhile build the brand communities. Lastly, by staying in touch with social culture, you are staying relevant with your audience.

Marketing with Technology

H5 is one of hottest keywords in recent years in China market. Nowadays, HTML5 page has become a must for many companies’ mobile marketing in China, while WeChat is a main platform for H5 marketing.

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) marketing were expected to break out in 2016 in China market. BMW Mini launched the AR glasses to assist in driving, and also introduced two 360° VR videos in Guangzhou Car Show to create an interesting experience for consumers.


Nowadays, many young Chinese audience pursue personalized products, and they cannot be satisfied if provided with homogenous products. In such situation, many brands have started to provide one-of-a-kind experience to their customers. For example, Adidas, Nike, and New Balance created tailor-made shoes for customers with 3D-printed technology application on their shoes.

Influencer (KOL) Marketing

Influencers,also known as key opinion leader (KOL) are those who can really affect purchasing decisions of Chinese audience who are targeted by the brand. Brands usually prefer popular and influential bloggers or super stars. The influential bloggers often have some insight into trends and certain professional qualities.


SCRM (Social CRM) covers the function of marketing/public relations, sales and customer service. The main advantages of SCRM is that it can help the company monitor the trend of brand, competitive products or services, and target Chinese audience in social network, realizing a precise marketing as well as real-time response to the customers..

Crossover Marketing

Crossover means the cooperation between two different industries, brands or products, which can more easily draw consumers’ attention. The application of crossover marketing will successfully enhance brands’ awareness through two brands’ joint promotion.

Marketing by Live Platforms

Marketing by live platforms is to make and broadcast programs on the spot along with the development of the event. It is usually carried out by live platforms, which enables the companies to enhance their brands or promote their sales.

The advantages of Live Platforms e.g. can get more active social interactions resulting from news and advertising effects. Can more easily attract audience’s attention. Can accurately reflect the profile of user groups. Users need to enter the live page at a specific time to watch live videos. The limit of broadcasting time helps to identify the user groups with their loyalty precisely analyzed.

Marketing by live platforms allows brands to interact with users in real time. The biggest advantage of online videos is that it not only allow users to watch the videos, but also motivate them to make comments.

Also can realize deeper communications between brands and users, and hence achieve emotional resonance. Live videos, as a broadcasting form with the sense of ritual, can gather a group of people who share same interests, because their emotions can affect each other.

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